5. Internet easy

It is very easy and affordable by all to connect to the Internet in Pakistan. All you need to have is a telephone, a modem and then the prepaid cards of 50 rupees (75 cents of Euro).
The card has some secret numbers hidden by a coat that one removes by scratching, like the lottery cards in Italy. The difference is that with the Pakistani cards one always wins.
Just insert the uncovered numbers in the fields “User name” and “Password” and you are connected to the web and to the rest of the world. The price of the connection is very low and it is free of charge to navigate in the morning from 1 to 9 o’clock.

internet connection

There are also internet cafés where one can navigate at high speed but there is no coffee and no tea there, just computers.


In Pakistan mobile phones are also very cheap and talking through mobiles is cheaper than talking through normal telephone. Also for normal telephones there are prepaid cards and using them can reduce the price of communication by half.

These prepaid cards can also be use to carry out international communications. When I call Italy I pay one and half Euro for speaking 25 minutes. I could run my trade from here calling my customers in Rome and Milan paying less than what I would be paying if I were calling them from my office in Rimini.

In Pakistan everyone has a mobile, except the children, but if they behave well and prove mature they can borrow it from their mother.

One can see the most humble people, the street sweepers, engaged in conversation with their mobile while they are sweeping the floor. When soon the blue tooth will be easily available here, it will look like everyone is talking alone like in a country of mad men.




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