6. Bagh

We arrived in the mountains of Kashmir after five hours of drive on tough and chaotic roads. Our car was loaded with blankets to offer to the people and an American doctor accompanied us, who brought some money to distribute to the poorest.

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Doctor Aftab is a heart surgeon and he has operated more than ten thousand people in the last 30 years. He is an authority for heart surgery. We hope that we never need his expertise.


The tents camp where we have arrived is organized by Shgri, the friend of Salim, the son of Princess Tehzib. We are lodged in the only construction of the camp, which is a house made with a wooden structure covered with thick cloth as walls. The roof is made with iron sheets and the little house is very comfortable, more so even as the team of Shigri brings us immediately a delicious dinner.




There are fallen houses everywhere and near the houses are the tents in which the people live. Even when the houses are not fully destroyed they are damaged and unsafe, and the people prefer to live in the tents because the souvenir of their children trapped under the rubbles is still fresh in their mind.

The earthquake unfortunately happened during the class hours and many schools fell like the houses.
So this winter everybody camped under tents and the children would have enjoyed this adventure very much, had it not been for the many wounded and for the fact that everything was missing because together with the houses, the earthquake had destroyed also all the belongings of the people that were inside.

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Fortunately only few died of cold because the whole country runs forward to give help in the form of blanket, tents, food and medicines.
Daud Shah narrated to me how some poor women sold their jewels in order to give the money for helping the victims, and that children used to come to his chemist shop asking him which medicines they could buy that were most needed for the wounded and sick in Kashmir.



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