Millet is the preferred food of the desert people because it is refreshing. It also costs half the price of rice, but there is much more work in preparing it.


The millet must be washed thoroughly because when it is bought, it is dirty with earth and sand.


When it has been washed, it must be dried and crushed into flour.


The flour of the millet must be sieved.


Only then can it be prepared for the different local specialties such as “cream”, which is the one I prefer.
In order to prepare this light but satisfying food, it is necessary to add several spices such as cumin, fennel, pepper, and also dried milk and powder of the baobab tree fruits. All this is crushed into powder and added to the millet flour.


This uncooked flour of the “cream” accompanies the bedouin in the desert. He will add some water and a little bit of sugar to it in a bowl and his dinner is ready. The cream satiates and quenches thirst at the same time.


The color, the consistency, the taste and the nutritive effect of the “cream” make it very similar to milk.


The millet paste is a sort of Italian “polenta”, a dish for the poor that is very tasty indeed.

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