ali ittaram1

ali ittaram1

Ali Attiram is one of the herbal doctors of Timbuktu, I am getting information from him about the medical properties of the local plants.

I have seen him several times curing malaria with his herbs, the success was always stupefying but he does not want to reveal his secret.

He prefers to sell the remedy by himself.

It is really a pity because millions of children die every year from this disease.

I told him: let us put your receipt on the internet, this will save many lives and you will become a reference for all those who fight against this disease”.

No way to convince him, he does not want to teach his art to anyone, only to his family.

I am very disappointed but I understand my friend. For the people of Timbuktu, every day is a fight to find the few coins that will buy their daily food.

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