ibrahim 4

ibrahim 4

We returned in the desert the day after bringing the millet, with the engineer Ibrahim Traore whom we have commissioned to go down the well to make a technical visit.

He will examine the well to understand why it is drying out and to understand if it is possible to render it generous of abundant water.

Ibrahim knows the most modern technique for building and for rehabilitating wells. He is a legend in the desert, his wells never dry out, he is the marabou of all the well diggers, they all have learned from him.

He has explained to me in detail how he builds wells and he has convinced me that he is able to repair the well if it is possible to do so.

the Tuaregs have told me: “it is necessary to make a new well, we know very well by experience that when the sand fills a well there is nothing that can be done”.

I have told to Ali: “I cannot believe that a technical solution does not exist for this problem. Digging another well would be only a waste if this one can be adjusted”.

ibrahim 3

His team slowly let him down the well while he sounds and examines the walls of the well.

ibrahim 1

ibrahim 2


When he came to the surface he told me: “I have understood all. and he explained to me why the sand was obstructing the well and why the water was so scarce.
we drank a tea and he explained to the attentive Tuaregs and to me what was necessary to do.          

ibrahim 5

Surely it is not easy work, but he assured us that when his work is completed we shall have a new well with the abundance of water in all seasons because he knows well the area and down there under the sands flows a river which is inexhaustible.

This morning I have signed the contract with Ibrahim Traore for rehabilitating the well and I have paid the advance money to let him buy all the material necessary for the work.
Ibrahim and his team will set up a camp by the well, where they will remain for all the duration of the work, which should be 28 days.

Ibrahim Traore: tel. +223 69 13 382

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