I heard from the television that the library of Timbuktu’s great Mosque had opened a high-speed internet point.

The Imam of the great mosque is AbdurRahman As-Suyuti, his family has inherited many of the antique manuscripts for which Timbuktu is famous all over the world.

I ran with my motorcycle to the Imam, because I had not yet been able to connect my computer to the web. I need the connection to be able to put Timbuktu on the internet so that my children in Italy may follow day by day the story of the well of the Tuaregs.



I found the Imam extremely kind and willing to help me. His passion for perfumes certainly played in my favor as I am a perfumer.


He even proposed to me to work in his office to allow me to upload the story of Timbuktu day by day.

I really must offer him a perfume.

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