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Men usually prefer woody or spicy or “grassy” accords, while flowery ones are considered to be feminine scents.

My experience with perfume customers has shown me that there is a clear division between men and women scents, but many women prefer men’s perfumes while only a minority of men prefer flowery soft and romantic scents to wear.

The fact that these are sold as women perfumes stops them completely from buying and wearing them.

You would have to travel to middle east to find men wearing Jasmine and Rose perfumes without shame.

I have observed for long the people and their perfume tastes and I remarked that the more macho a man the more woody the perfume he will chose.

Flowery and sweet scents are chosen by men who have a poetical sensibility, who are kind and patient, who cultivate humility and kindness towards others as a virtue.

It is generally believed that women will prefer a macho, but this is not true, many women will value highly the flowery man because he is likely to be a sweet partner in life, trustworthy, loving and faithful.

Macho man with a super ego may seduce because he is likely to conquer his share of the world, but a woman in search of true love will not chose him because she instinctively knows that his energy and ego will push him to feminine conquests as well.

A man may use perfume as a strategy exactly as he uses his dress.

A macho man wearing flowery or a poetic man wearing woody would be irresistible in the eye of many women because their personality would be completed, and they would hold the advantages of both types.



Is it also correct for me to assume that one can make a perfume sort of to “balance” a personality? For example, if someone has a very passive personality, a perfume can be designed to help exude more confidence.

AbdesSalaam Attar

You could do a lot of things with perfumes, including making people feel as you wish, but in my philosophy of making perfumes, people are at the core of the process, not as accessories, which means that personalized perfumes are not made by the perfumer but by the person who wants it. He will decide what he likes and the perfume will have the properties that this person realy needs.
As a psychologist or as a medic I could err totally judging that a person needs to be balanced in a way or in an other. The nose never errs. He is your best doctor. He knows what no one else knows about medicine and psychology.
A perfume is done with the nose, a perfume for an other person is done with his nose.
Your knowledge of psychology or medecine will help you to make perfumes, if you also know Aromatherapy and olfactory psychology, but by the end, all what is necessary to make a perfume is the nose.
Personalities are what they are, they cannot be changed. The perfume can certainly help a person overcome a weakness such as lack of confidence as you mention, but only if it has been done with the nose of the person.
AbdesSalaam Attar

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  1. Pickup Lines says:

    Cologne has always been a critical part of me meeting women. If you smell bad, women won’t like you. You need to smell like a man.


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