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A perfumer who looks for inspiration inside himself is not only necessarily very limited, but he also risks to end up into an ego trip completely incompatible with true inspiration, as by definition inspiration transcends the person who receives it.
I heard Guerlain in an interview saying: “I never “created” a perfume that was not for a woman who really existed and preferably who had a significant importance in my life”.

A real perfume is made for real persons.
The true fount of inspiration for the perfumer is the others, and it is endless.
A perfumer should consider himself as being at the service of others and not as a mythical being worth of admiration.

The worst that could happen to him is to close himself in a world of his own, loosing connection with the reality of the others.
A sound dose of humility is indispensable to be able to progress on the way of learning.

Making perfumes for single persons is practically the only road available to an independent Natural perfumer who wants to learn the art and start the profession. This should remain a constant exercise in the years in order not to loose contact with the normal persons (who are quite different with big customers of fashion and business) and above all in order to continue to receive input of new ideas.

I once told to a musician friend: “you will not be an artist until you make music that cures the people”.
The same is valid for the perfumer; his fragrances should infuse positive emotions, vital energy and restore psychological equilibrium.
This is the new frontier of modern Perfumery, but it is also a return to the antique tradition of the Healer Perfumer. It is called Perfume-Therapy.

Since years I have a form online through which anyone can choose the base notes dearest to his heart and ask me to compose his perfume.

I receive requests for accords that I would have never imagined. These accords are the expression of the deepest desires of the soul. This confrontation with the intimate taste of real persons is a continuous challenge to my professionalism and a constant fount of learning for me.

I would advice all Natural Perfumers to do something of the kind. If you are afraid to be overcome by the requests just keep the price a bit high.
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