Subliminal dose

subliminal message

In a perfume, the ingredients that are not smelled are more important than the ones that are smelled.

I once had a customer who loved my perfumes but he could not stand any fragrance containing Rose. Even in those where it was present in such a small proportion that no one could smell it, he would say “there is rose”. I think that he had been traumatized during childhood, either by a nasty aunt wearing rose perfume of by a painful experience in a rose garden.

natural perfume milano

My last fragrance “Milano Caffé” illustrates very well the “subliminal dose” concept

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Sailing towards new horizons

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The interview features Natural perfumery aims, ethics and philosophy.

AbdesSalaam Attar interview with Raphaella Barkley


what perfumetherapy

A perfumer who looks for inspiration inside himself is not only necessarily very limited, but he also risks to end up into an ego trip completely incompatible with true inspiration, as by definition inspiration transcends the person who receives it.
I heard Guerlain in an interview saying: “I never “created” a perfume that was not for a woman who really existed and preferably who had a significant importance in my life”.

A real perfume is made for real persons.
The true fount of inspiration for the perfumer is the others, and it is endless.
A perfumer should consider himself as being at the service of others and not as a mythical being worth of admiration.

The worst that could happen to him is to close himself in a world of his own, loosing connection with the reality of the others.
A sound dose of humility is indispensable to be able to progress on the way of learning. Read more