Report on May 2017 Perfumery Course – Third part


USA. Sales Executive

Since I was young, I was aware of scents and how they made me feel.  Later in life, I learned that scents are connected to memory.

My maternal grandfather was a florist and mother was a gardener.  I grew up around these smells.  I also played with chemistry sets and loved mixing things to create chemical reactions and delight a small audience.

As I got older I developed a curiosity about perfume.  That curiosity turned into an obsession.  Since moving to New York I visited shops that sell interesting niche and vintage perfumes and the perfume buyer in one of those shops recommended some blogs.  From one blog in particular, Kafkaesque, I read in detail about the perfume course in Italy, given by Abdes-Salaam Attar of La Via Profumo (“the Way of perfume”).  Until this time I had not considered a path of making perfumes.

As I would buy new perfumes and let others smell them, I started to realize that there was a real impact on a person when they smell a perfume that resonates with them. I could see it in their eyes, see the change in their body language.

When I read about the perfume course in Kafkaesque’s blog, I learned that one reason why we react positively to a certain essence is that our bodies are telling us through our nose that we need that essence (for instance, Lavender to relax or relieve stress).  I learned that perfuming a space can change the mood of the people in it. I learned why we need animal essences in our perfumes.  Different bits of information were starting to click into place.

As I read further, I started to feel drawn to the 6-day experience. Over the next two years, various events in my life started to come together to make me want to pursue making perfumes and among all of the options out there, something about this course made me want to start my journey here.

I went into this course with a totally open mind, not having any preconceived notions about methods, materials or philosophy. I did, however, have a lot of questions about myself… Could I make a compelling perfume? Could I make a perfume that coveys the idea or concept?  Could my perfumes please someone else or just me?

During the six days, these and many more questions were answered.  Salaam was a guide for me, pushing, steering, but always letting me discover for myself. The friends I made in class were instrumental in the process of validating each others’ work.  I left the class with the belief that I had actually become a PERFUMER.

This course has given me the foundation necessary to make perfumes for people and change their lives for the better.  Like “ninjas”, we learned how to shoot straight to the heart of a simple idea, work on it scrupulously, never cheating on quality and deliver a good product, with speed. In 6 days I made 14 perfumes and learned lessons, concepts and principles that will guide my way forever.

I brought my perfumes to a friend of mine who is a perfume buyer in the shop I mentioned earlier and she swelled with pride as she smelled the scents I had made. The one I made specifically for her made her cry, saying that the perfume “speaks to me”.  Seeing her reaction made me understand that however far I take this new passion, I will always have the skill and the tools to make someone’s life a little better.

For anyone considering a path of making perfumes, or anyone already on the path and wanting a greater sense of purpose, I highly recommend this course.

perfumery course student Guy bottles

Perfumes composed during the course by Guy


USA. Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist, Movement Instructor

I have just returned to the US from Italy from a life-changing experience and that was being a student in AbdesSalaam Attar’s Natural Perfumery Course.  In my 20 years as an Aromatherapist, I developed a passion and a great love for these creations of nature’s bounty and the course deepened that passion as Salaam imprinted in me how to find their soul. The knowledge, insight and inspiration I came home with are immeasurable.

The course is called Natural Perfumery but it is much more than that.  You are taught how to smell, think and then bring into fruition scents that not only have a wonderful aroma but will not harm and often enhance the wellbeing of the wearer.

Salaam is a generous teacher giving his students a wealth of information, a full perfumer’s organ of natural oils to work with and inspires you to become a “Ninja Perfumer” to have no fear and trust that you will hit your target with your blends.

I left with a much deeper knowledge of the essences and learned new ways that I can share these amazing and elusive substances.

The setting for the course is also wonderful, that classroom set up for learning and the surroundings have beautiful gardens where you can experience the natural scents of rose, jasmine, rosemary and sage.

We also had the opportunity to participate in a distillation of rosemary and Salaam inspired us to distill our own essences wherever we go to ensure the quality of our essences.

Salaam as a teacher has a great sense of humour, ungrudging when we make mistakes and waste his precious essences, teaches a code of integrity, and imparts a sense of spirituality that is rooted in helping all humanity.

As a self-employed artist, it was an investment for me to travel to Italy with the cost of the course and it was more than worth it.  I would do it again without hesitation.

carol perfumes1

Perfumes composed during the course by Carol

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