Aromatherapy in case of pandemics

Pandemics, a manual for survival


The problem of today’s pandemics is a modern problem.

The disease is easily recognized, its modes of propagation are immediately understood, but the common chemical cures and drugs are without effects.

When suddenly appears a new virus for which there is no known cure, or when a bacteria happens to be resistant to all antibiotics, no medic can believe that this monster may have acquired its immunity all by itself. They know that it is impossible.

These are the pandemics that threaten us in the near future, you recognize it when you hear doctors on television, saying: “We have never seen anything like that.”

The problem that makes us vulnerable to the new pandemics is the problem of a medical system that has nothing to propose as an alternative to vaccines, antibiotics, and chemical drugs, except new ones. But when there are no yet new ones?  What can we do?

My own 25 years experience with essential oils and the experience of Aroma-therapists who for 50 years have cured millions of patients is unequivocal: essential oils work where all the rest has failed. (see here, here, and here)
The most important observation has been that viruses cannot develop immunity against essential oils. Unlike modern drugs which are single molecules, essences are compounds composed of hundreds of molecules that act synergistically, viruses cannot mutate to become resistant to such a massive bio-chemical attack.

Acquiring resistance from essential oils is even more complicated for viruses because essences also affect the “soil” on which they grow (the sick person’s body), making it “hostile” for them.

Essence also acts indirectly on the patient to render him resistant in different ways, for instance by stimulating his immune system, or by activating his endocrine system. The endocrine system is our personal “pharmaceutical laboratory” that produces our own medicinal substances.

After this preamble, I shall go straight to the point by listing the essences that are the most appropriate to save our lives in the event of a pandemic and above all I shall explain how to use them. They are all readily available in pharmacies or in herbal medicine shops or even online.

Who reads this should always keep in mind that in the absence of these oils, one can use the aromatic plants from which they come. An additional final chapter will explain how.

The essences below are among the most useful ones. By fortune, they are also the most common ones and also the less expensive ones.

Tea tree
(an ideal compound is Tea tree, Lavender, Geranium)
Clove buds
Frankincense (very difficult to find authentic)

How to use the essences in the event of a pandemic

Pandemics can spread in three ways:

1.         by physical contact, through the hands, saliva, or body fluids
2.         by air, through breathing, coughing
3.         by ingesting, though food or water

Pandemic by physical contact, through the hands, saliva, or body fluids, therefore also by coughing. In this case, we use the essences to wash our hands after touching people, we can wear a mask scented with essence to approach and talk to others. The scented mask should be also worn in crowded places.

•          how to disinfect hands. Just wash your hands with plain water, pour a single drop of essence on one hand, and then rub both. Tea tree, Lavender, Anti-sharks etc. Practically any essence does well.

•          how to perfume the mask: place 2 or 3 drops of essence on the fingertips, rub the fingertips together to spread the essence between them, then clean your fingers on the inside of the mask. Tea tree, Thyme, Cloves, Ginger, and Bacetto.

•          anti-infectious essences to use for the mouth, pour 1 or 2 drops of essence directly in the mouth and swallow. Ginger, Mint, and Bacetto. You can also put a drop on a piece of sugar or in honey. You also can sweeten your tea with the scented honey.

Pandemic by air, through breathing and coughing. In this case, we diffuse the essences in the atmosphere in our living space and breathe air that is disinfected with essential oils, for instance breathing a  scented handkerchief whenever one has approached and spoken with persons that could be infected, or we also may use a mask scented with essential oils.

•          How to use essential oils to disinfect environments: The essences are Tea tree, Citrus, Pine, Eucalyptus. You can diffuse them regularly at home (especially in the bedroom) and office. Use spray bottles or a diffuser or spay the essences on house heaters in winter.

Pandemic by ingesting water or food. In this case, we shall use plain water to wash the fresh food and use the essences to season our food and disinfect our drinking water. We can also ingest some essences after eating something about which we have no doubt. Also, use the essences to disinfect all drinking water.

•  How to season the foods with essences: mix a few drops of the essence with a spoon or two of olive oil and season your food with it, raw or cooked, just before eating. Thyme, Oregano, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Mint, Frankincense, and even Bacetto.

•  How to disinfect the water: pour a drop of essence of Peppermint or Bacetto in a liter of water, shake well and drink after a few minutes.

•  How to ingest the essences after eating doubtful food? Pour a drop of essence directly into the mouth and swallow. Bacetto (best), Thyme, Oregano, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Mint, Frankincense

The use of aromatic plants against pandemics.

The cure of Garlic. Garlic is a powerful remedy. It should not be underestimated both as a prevention and as a therapy for viral infections, particularly of streptococci type.

It is used in the following way every day at lunch: clean 5 or 10 cloves of Garlic of their skin, cut them in half lengthwise so that they can be easily swallowed without chewing them.
After each mouthful of food, swallow a piece of Garlic prepared without chewing it. Repeat this with every mouthful until you have eaten all the garlic. This method will avoid you having the breath of a French peasant, but you can anyway use Bacetto after eating garlic (or smoking a cigarette) for a fantastic perfumed breath, or else you could use essences of Fennel or Anise.

Tisanes: All the aromatic herbs of your kitchen can protect you if you drink them in tea, strengthening your immune system, killing viruses, and making the “soil” infertile for them, particularly Oregano, Thyme, Cinnamon, and Cloves. Used and overuse…

They can be used as teas. Pour boiling water over the herbs and drink. Some of them can be boiled, cinnamon, and clove particularly.

See our Kit for first aid aromatherapy

AbdesSalaam Attar, Perfume Composer



Published on: Oct 5, 2011, at 19:10

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    This article is full of information, It’s really amazing how nature provides us with cure and yet we don’t seem to notice them. I really appreciate it.


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