Ringworm is a disease that affects mostly children. It makes them suffer a lot and the itching is so strong that they scratch their head until it bleeds, sores get enlarged and the pain prevents them from sleeping. Ringworm makes children’s life miserable. Timbuktu hospitals’ or traditional therapists’ remedies are so expensive that most families cannot afford to buy them.
Traditional medicine in Timbuktu is no alternative to hospital for the health problem. The remedies are prepared and sold by the “tradithérapeutes” themselves. They depend entirely on their sale for their living and when they do not overprice them, they convince their patients that their case necessisates several remedies, quickly making a sum that amounts to several days of wages.
In Timbuktu people fear the doctors more than the disease.


There are different scalp diseases in Timbuktu – one ugliest than the other, but fortunately I brought with me an important supply of the best remedy for all of them – Anti Squali (Anti Sharks). A mix of lavender, peppermint and geranium.


Others… pus under the skin


Sore on the top of the head…



In Timbuktu Anti Sharks heals all of these disturbs – one does not even have to know what is the disease, just to use the remedy. It must be used in olive oil (60 drops per 50 ml of oil) three times a day after washing the shaved head with soap. After the first day, inflammation, itching and pain disappear and by the third day the regression of sores becomes visible.

A traditional therapist told me that along with ointment they also give a remedy to drink because this disease comes from the stomach. So, besides Anti Squali oil, I always prescribe a piece of sugar with three drops of this essence before going to sleep to sufficiently grown children (the taste is not good).
In two or three weeks the healing is complete.

Anti Sharks is used for all disturbs that result in itching such as scalp diseases or that produce infection and pus (like the case of Ibrahim, see previous post). It has been the remedy that I used more than any other in Timbuktu.


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