The earache is so widespread in Timbuktu that even I got it after a month. It is probably the desert wind that transports the poisoned dust street into people’s ears. Fortunately before it happened to me, I had a lot of practice with curing the population, so that I did not suffer from it for more that one day. If some day earache should happen to you without any medicines around, simply use warm olive oil inside the ear. This all Italian home remedy functions well, but for aromatherapy and extra efficacy I have always added one drop of lavender essential oil to it.

At the beginning in Timbuktu I continued to successfully cure earache with lavender and olive oil. But since I had brought little lavender with me and I had many patients, my supply ran out quickly, so I thought I had to find a substitute remedy.

I picked the Anti Sharks oil because it contains lots of lavender and it is very anti-inflammatory. It is fantastic – the pain passes instantly leaving a sense of freshness in the ear and a physical feeling of the oil curing the disease, substituting pain with pleasure and relief. One drop per every millilitre of olive oil is enough and according to the capacity of the ear three to ten drops of remedy are used.

Often I have observed that one application is enough, but for most cases three days of treatment with three applications a day have been resolving. Anti Sharks is made with the essential oils of lavender, geranium and peppermint.

The earache can degenerate into very serious conditions, the best way to illustrate it is the case of little Buyah. His healing in 10 days shows again the great power of Anti Sharks.


When his mother brought him to me. The child is suffering very much, he does not eat and does not sleep at night. His gaze stunned me very much, it was not child’s. The neck, the chin and the cheek under the ear are swollen. The colour is red and it shows a deep inflammation.


Mother is very worried. I used immediately pure Anti Sharks and gave to mother a bottle of essence diluted in olive oil to use at home.


After the first day of treatment with Anti Squali. Swelling has extended to the eye, but the colour is not red anymore. Child is still suffering but much less and finally he could sleep at night. Mother is still worried.


After four days – The child is suffering less and he has started to eat again, swelling is reduced and the mother is reassured.

The abscess has formed under the ear and the eyes are no more swollen. It is a very painful acute phase. Besides Anti Sharks I frequently wet the abscess to favour it’s burst. We wait another three days.

Second day.


For next three days the mother of Buyah did not return to me with the boy. I know that when it is like this it means that the things are going well. Nonetheless I was wondering how was the little patient and in that moment I saw them coming to me.

The day of joy. His mother brought him to me – the abscess has burst and Buyah has healed.

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  1. OliveAndOud says:

    Hi again. I wanted to let you know that a few days after I added the geranium, his condition resolved. This has been a recurrng problem for him, and this is the first time he didn’t need to use antibiotics or surgery. Thank you!

    • AbdesSalaam Attar says:

      Thank you for informing me. do not hesitate to ask me any time. I am glad to be able to share what I know. My course can be downloaded freely, only a few pages, only a few essences but it is a treasure. Every indication is a jewel coming from 25 years of practice. It is so easy to overlook these few pages. the remedy for the earache and the way to use it was there also. If you add notes to my course (in a different colour) about your experiences and discoveries in using these 6 essences, I would be glad to read them so as to maybe learn something from your experience with them. In the meantime do not hesitate to ask me, be it for a headhache. I am always glad to be given the opportunity to help, do not be afraid to disturb me. salaam@profumo.it

  2. AbdesSalaam Attar says:

    Dear Olive and Oud, The Anti Shark essence that I use for abcesses is composed of Lavender, Geranium and Pepermint. To me the most important of the 3 for this pathology is the Geranium. You should try it. See also frrom my course online the cortisone-like properties it has. They are remarkable.

  3. OliveAndOud says:

    Thank you, Salaam, for this post and for your aromatherapy course. My husband has had an abscess for several days and he is stunned by how much lavender and peppermint essential oils have helped.


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