One of the most frequent problems for which people of Timbuktu came to me was toothache.

In Timbuktu dentist is an unaffordable luxury for almost everyone. This fact accompanied by the loss of Islamic traditions, including cleaning teeth five times a day with a brush stick has caused an enormous problem of oral hygiene with dramatic cases of infections and great affliction amongst children and adults.

With aromatherapy the solution to the pain is rather simple – one drop of clove on caries has an immediate analgesic effect. Besides, frequent use of this essence can remove tooth infections and stop caries.

The problem which I stumbled upon was how to put the drop on the tooth when it’s on the upper part of the jaw and how to allow the patient to continue the treatment for next few days alone. Putting the head upside down is not practical and to treat every person in this way would take too much time.

The solution is there – put 50ml of water and 9 drops of essential clove oil in an empty bottle; shake energetically and pour the remedy with which you will rinse your mouth in the bottle cap.

In the case of  Ibrahim, the essence of clove was used in this very way. He could hardly open the mouth and talked with difficulty when he first came, but the grave infection resistant to the antibiotics was resolved thanks to the Anti Shark essence (Lavender, Geranium, Peppermint). It was  used pure on the swollen jaw and neck every day when he visited me, and he applied by himself a dilution with olive oil when he was home.

After a week I had him use the essence in internal use, 3 drops on a sugar 2 times daily. Anti Sharks is the  best essence against all types of inflammations and local infections. It penetrates deeply and brings immediate relief. 

AbdesSalaam Attar
Medico Profumiere

After 10 days of aromatherapy, joy rediscovered


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