One of the first axioms of olfactory marketing is: “The psychological effect of a smell depends in great part from the context in which it is smelled”.
For instance the smell of the beloved’s favorite perfume on the pillow while he (or she) is away traveling wakes up tender an melancholic emotions.
The same perfume smelled the same day by the same person at the bar in his coffee because the bar tender had it on his hands completely ruins the most Italian of pleasures and provokes a feeling of disgust (see the face of the person), because in that context it gives the impression that the cup was not properly washed and that the hygiene is lacking in that place.
It is possible that in the context of a failed marriage, the physical smell of the partner with whom exists a state of daily opposition and animosity becomes hateful.

AbdesSalaam Attar
Compositore Profumiere