I have observed a number of people anosmic to Muskdeer in dilutions of 2 per 1000, mostly men, while women often react negatively to the smell, commenting on its excessive power.
However the pure muskdeer, the black powder and grains as shown on the pictures I published, have a stunning power, with a head scent of ammoniac.
Smelling it for the first time without knowing what to expect is like receiving a punch in the face.
2 grams are sufficient to make one liter of tincture.
The heart and end smells are obviously very different, much less “goaty” and very “human body”, but synthetic smells go nowhere near it, they just have the power to evocate, not to imitate the real musk.
They lack the animality, the extreme wealth and complexity of Muskdeer, and certainly it’s medical properties as this substance is traditionally used (and also today in homeopatics) to cure epilepsy, nervous exhaustion and hormonal disturbs.
The same thing is valid about ambroxan, a pallid evocation of Ambergris. Ambroxan is a single note heard from a cd player, ambergris is a symphony heard live.

AbdesSalaam Attar
Compositore Profumiere