Haha, I guess I got a little long-winded in my original post, sorry Salaam. It’s a funny thing when you convey that story about the lingering nuisance of the synthetic musk on your arm. I have spoken to many people whom I’ve learned, suffer from a similar problem whenever they “overdo” their perfume or cologne. They develop a “headache” and sometimes even become nauseous as well. Well, I have been doing some research on the “synthetics” and the general consensus is that these “synthetic” chemicals are the cause of their suffering. So, that makes your story ironic that in the world of “aromatherapy” and “natural perfumery” the natural constituents possess the power to heal, body & mind, while just the opposite applies to the synthetic chemicals, they can “literally” make one ill. And I’ve noticed also that some of these “fragrance/perfume” oils tend to linger pervasively and annoyingly for much too long. I’m glad that I’ve found someone to confirm my trepidations about the overuse of synthetics. It’s too bad that 95% (probably more) of the “Designer” perfume industry depends so much on the synthetics these days. And they have the audacity to charge “astronomical” prices anyway! I guess someone has to pay for their expensive advertising, lol. Ciao, Frankie