As Jesus said, Man does not feed just on bread.

He needs spiritual food as well.

We have been made to think systematically by our modern western culture makers (moneymaking culture), that perfume means sensuality and sexuality.

I learned in the East that perfume means spirituality.

Here is the key to our innate taste for the animal scents. Through the wearing of perfumes we seek to absorb and appropriate the perfect harmony of nature, and the different vital forces that it contains, in order to regenerate our own vital force and to re-establish our inner harmony.

That is because perfume is source of sanity, exactly the contrary of what Suskin’s book proposes.

In this instinctive human search for balance, which does not belong to animals because they do not have our complex psyche (psychological disturbs) and because they do not commit acts that are contrary to their nature (bringing on themselves physical disturbs), the vital force of animals present in their scents is as important as the botanical one.

This is one aspect of perfumetherapy similar to homeopathic, which by the way uses Muskdeer, castoreum and Ambergris.

We love to live among flowers and plants and we need so much their presence that we bring them into our houses, exactly as we do with domestic animals. The lack of vegetal and animal presence that comes with the modern city life is very new and unique to the story of mankind. This renders our need for a “tridimentional” botanical and animal perfume all the more imperative to us.

AbdesSalaam Attar
Compositore Profumiere