I also purchased a small amount….. I havn’t tinctured it yet but I shall soon….The supplier suggests that it rounds off perfumes but I have not had any experience with this material at all….. I like the smell of the solid untinctured mass tho…. to look at it reminds me very much of a hard piece of peat I used to cut on the moors in yorkshire to burn on the fire…..but of course the composition is completely different. It does has a urine type smell but I have smelt some urine smells from cats for example….. that really repel me…. this does not….it also smells smoky and earthy… it will be interesting how it tinctures out. It is supposed to give up to alcohol very well…..
The Hyrax apparently urinated and deficated in the same spot. … thus the build up of this hardened mass….