Thank you Salaam…..

I appreciate your thoughts and it echoes my feeling about buying at source…. In the past I have bought from suppliers who have been recommended to me from knowledgeable and experienced people in this oil world and who had been a great help in my start of my walk and have paid alot of money for these oils absolutes etc ( which I expect to for florals etc)….I have been very happy but lately I seem to have had a run of bad oils.. thus I feel pinnochio noses from sellers who should know better. I totally agree about finest and will always be on the search for this….and yes you can detect when it is so beautiful…I may stumble from time to time but always to pick up dust down and walk the walk…..that is why it took me 3 years to source my alcohol and a professor of botany to vouch for me….purity is all..and truth is beauty.. I think there is alot of adulteration in this oil world….it is like walking on egg shells…..one has to pick very carefully….(even Mandy and Anya have been duped ) and be on the guard… which actually is completely against my nature which is open…..but now……!!

Reliable trustworthy fonts….. vanilla sounds good and I look forward to March.

kind regards