Ciao John,
to answer more precisely to your demand, our animal nature makes us have behavioural responses to pheromones, and these are present in bodily smells, including our excrements and in those of other animals as well.
Our evolved intellectual nature (evolved just in the sense that no animals have such a nature, not in the Darwinian sense that we ever existed without it), which has generated our moral and social behaviours enters in conflict with our animal nature, because man relies on his intellectual nature for survival and this nature being superior to the animal one must dominate it.
For example your nose will smell the woman in ovulation but your intellectual nature will stop you behaving like the horse that smelled the estrous female.
For this reason pheromonal body smells that have a pleasant effect on us in subliminal quantities, when they are strong enough to be consciously perceived clash with our intellectual dimension, and become valuated negatively and perceived as unpleasant.

Scritto Da – salaam Attar on 07 Aprile 2007 23:21:55