Ciao Shehrina,
there is a lot of material on the site, particularly on the Italian version. The 2 books in my bibliography are Fragranze. Psicologia e Biologia del Profumo, Dodd e Van Toller, Ed. Aporie
Aromatherapy scent and psyche Peter & Kate Damian, Healing arts press
You can also read ù
“The Fragrant Mind”, Valery Ann Worwood
and “subtle aromatherapy” by Patricia Davis.
Olfactory psychology is only in a small part question of smell, it cannot be apprehended without the knowledge of the natural essences. The wider this knowledge, the deeper will be your understanding of olfactory psychology.
This knowledge includes botanic, aromatherapy and psycho-aromatherapy, phytotherapy, chemistry, pheromonal processes, and natural perfumery. This is the base on which to develop the knowledge of essential oils.
Based on a language of olfactory archetypes, olfactory psychology applies this knowledge to the human psyche using mostly the schemes of olfactory memories.

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