I have learned that a woman’s natural scent is a primary governor of my relationship with her. In this discussion it is imperative that I early confess the power that aroma has in my life. I search for the scent of virtually all things — unconsciously, as this has more often than not been pointed out to me by others. One of my first reactions to virtually all encounters in the physical world is to smell the object: person, rock, plant, water, food (of course), paper, etc.

So a woman’s scent is at the top of a pyramid of experiential cues in my relationship with her. I am blessed to have a partner today whose fragrance is so appealing and welcome to me — like a draft of priceless perfume that elevates our spirit. Indeed, I am inspired (great word!) to find or create a perfume for her that complements and exalts her natural musk. I look forward to this with great anticipation!

I do have a practical question for you, AbdesSalaam. My girlfriend and I have both agreed that the perfumes she has been using are no longer appropriate for her at her age (46). (They are more suited to younger bodies and noses.) I envision something for her that expresses and complements her maturity, wisdom and grace. There should be a pheromonal element, but grounded in jasmine and dark spice. Any guidance you can give in choosing a “midlife” perfume would be most welcome. Have you concocted such?

Thank you in advance for any wisdom you can share!