Ciao Suzanne,
there are 2 points in your questions: are these perfumes natural? and are they still good?
I cannot tell you about the products being natural until I smell them, for instance white crystals on natural oak moss cannot happen as far as I know and a 30 or 40 years old Jasmine should be completely black and oxidized even if kept in the fridge but… everything is possible and I do not know everything. Only by smelling shall I be able to tell you about this point.
In Middle East you find with the best perfumers Agarwood seasoned for 30 or 40 years and it fetches prices for Sheikhs only.
All woods better with age, cedar wood, sandalwood, and even woody like essences such as patchouli and Vetyver, if kept well…
They are not as strong as when fresh but the smell becomes blended by age in a way more quiet.
This is true also for frankincense essential oil but it is likely that Myhrr would become solid.
The ambergris might be natural; when the tincture evaporates it leaves a dirty white coating on the thread of the bottles.

AbdesSalaam Attar
Compositore Profumiere