Coffee Extract or Coffee Absolute
They are both very good. During the course you used the extract. The absolute is solid and I add a little alcohol to it in order to make it liquid. The extract is liquid. Take the extract, you already know it.

Cedarwood Morocco EO or Cedarwood Texas EO or Cedarwood Virginia EO
Cedarwood Morocco is very oriental and aromatic, Texas is woody and rich, similar to the smell of pencils when you cut them.People generally prefer Texas over the Virginian, which is more dry and less rich. You would need both Moroccan and Texan.

Jasmine Egypt Absolute or Jasmine Sambac Absolute
Jasmine Egypt is the most beautiful of all Jasmines to me, but some women do not like it and find it too indolic. Those who are like that always like the Sambac, but many people like both. My advice is to take both.

Rose Absolute or Rose EO
Rose absolute is like squashed fresh petals while the essence is the pure spirit of Rose, and smells like dried roses.
If you use Rose in a women perfume, specially if it is a custom one, then it is the absolute.
In a men’s perfume, or when you want to use Rose as the essence of Love in the olfactory language, then use the essence.