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    I received this demand:
    perhaps you can help answer a question that has been puzzling me for years and although working thru it when creating and composing perfumes….and some have answered the question to my partial satisfaction, you may, perhaps, be able to shed some light… I understand about the differentiation between eo and absolutes….. but an absolute is more intense than an essential oil …. in a percentage working figure it has been suggested that 1 drop of absolute = 4drops of eo….. what is your considered opinion? Bearing in mind the discussions of innacuracies because of sizes of pippettes etc…..

    kind regards

    The answer: Ciao Janita,

    I would rather say the contrary, just smell absolute and OE of rose and you will see that straight away.

    In the plants from which we got both absolute and OE the constatation is that absolute is more like the smell of the fresh plant but OE is more like the spirit of the plant.
    Cordiali saluti

    AbdesSalaam Attar
    Compositore Profumiere

    Scritto Da – salaam attar il 21 Agosto 2006alle ore 17:03:21

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