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    noticing a fruity note in dried hibiscus flowers I have tinctured some to see if they will give up their note.

    What other oils give fruity notes ….. blackcurrant bud absolute but I am still yet to smell the real.. and that has also a urinary note…from your description and other readings.

    Are there any other fruity top notes one can use besides citruses?


    Osmanthus has a delicious tropical fruit blend aroma.
    Carrot has also a somehow fruity smell and also Tagete, but none of these two have it as much as Osmanthus, they could rather be used in the composition of fruity blends, as Jasmine and vanilla can be.

    AbdesSalaam Attar
    Compositore Profumiere


    Ciao Salaam
    I have just recently procured a sample of both lime and lemon essence from the juice not the peel of the fruit. I havn’t tried it in anything yet ….


    Essential oil from the lemon juice is difficult to believe. The juice is mostly citric acid which is indeed aromatic but which is not an essential oil.
    The quantity of essential oil in the lemon juice is indeed so small that the result from an extraction would be extremely costly, if it was only possible to distillate lemon juice.
    Everything can be, but this does not make sense to me.

    AbdesSalaam Attar
    Compositore Profumiere


    yes I was curious so I emailed to find out so apparently.”When the juice is being concentrated to make a concentrate a certain amount of oil comes to the surface and this is gently distilled off to produce the Tangerine Essence, Sweet Orange Essence,” Lime Essence etc


    The answer makes no sense as it is formulated. The juice can be concentrated by ventilation, by vacuum or by heating, in all these cases if there is any essential oil in the juice it would evaporate in the process and would not at all come to the surface. If instead it is recuperated together with the evaporated water as water soluble molecules like in orange flower or rose water distillation, then it could be separated as is done to obtain absolute of orange flower water or of rose water, but it would be an absolute and not an essential oil.
    The answer does not convince me at all.

    AbdesSalaam Attar
    Compositore Profumiere


    I really don’t know what to believe … everything is going haywire around me at the moment…strange things happening… I asked only for sample so I am out of pocket very little so I will still play with it…. the company is recommended by the group. Everything is so bizarre at the moment I feel like burying my head.


    Truth is as rare in perfumery as it is in politics.
    Incompetence is as widespread in perfumery as it is in politics.
    There is no reason to dispair, are you discovering the world today Janita? Are not lying and cheating the rules of the time in fields much more important for mankind than natural perfumery?
    Trusting is a quality, but ingenuity means not using reason to evaluate truth.
    Strange things happen all the time and they are words of a book to read. The arabs taught me to believe only in good omens and disbelieve in bad omens.
    They also said: if you make a good dream tell it only to who loves you and if you make a nightmare tell it to no one.
    The words of wisdom from the desert men made my life simpler, I hope they can help you.


    Thank you for that….. your comforting words and a good cry helps….. ..sometimes I feel my boat is small and the ocean is big….yes of course in the scheme of things natural perfumery is nothing compared to human quality of life…all this really had nothing to do with lemon essence and your men in the desert have a simple way which is always true… so thanks for being there in my time of need….


    Ciao Janita,
    although common sense and basic knowledge of essential oils chemistry had brought me to the conclusion that essential oil of lemon juice was a hoax, I phoned to my friend Angelo in Calabria who produces lemon and Bergamot essence.
    He confirmed that no essential oil is present in the juice of citruses and is extracted from it.

    Maybe you can tell me offline who is the seller of that product and maybe I could have a sample to check.

    AbdesSalaam Attar
    Compositore Profumiere

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