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    As a perfumer, I have a daily reminder with my colleague at work that even natural essential oils can trigger asthma in persons who suffer from the disease, even those essences known as a cure for it such as lavender.

    I have noticed that unlike allergy so other substances, these crises are caused yes by a certain typology of essences, but above all by their quantity in the air. If the intensity is low there is no crisis.

    While most synthetic fragrances and incenses always cause a crisis in my colleague, his reaction to essential oils vary from a day to another. Some days he likes the smell of Lavender (True and Hybrid) and sometimes it causes a crisis. It is possible that when pollens to which he is allergic are present in the air his sensibility becomes exacerbated and includes a range of essential oils smells.

    I have used with success on many persons (and on myself) the essence of Geranium to stop and cure on long term use some forms of asthma and all the allergic reactions that I have encountered included skin allergies and allergies to venoms.

    I have not found yet this property listed in aromatherapy books but I found it so stunningly effective that I use geranium almost exclusively for it (see the formula and properties of Anti-Sharks).

    Studies show also that Curcumin has an antihistamine-like effect and can target respiratory inflammation. It can help to reduce the frequency and severity of allergic reactions and asthma attacks (See



    inhalation and proper breathing can also help in the long term cases for asthma. As a nose and a singer I am aware of the value of the various techniques associated with inhalation. For asthma sufferers their breathing becomes impaired on the start of an asthma attack for which panic enues and crisis occurs.

    when a crisis occurs the victim will struggle for breath and even after the crisis is over shallow breathing continues even though they may not notice. This shallow breathing may become a habit. Thus denying themselves of life giving oxygen which supports all human existance.

    By advocating simple breathing techniques when a crisis is not prevalent re deep intake of breath holding for 3 and exhaling for 6 and extending the amount of timed exhalation over a period the patient becomes aware of his lung capacity and control over breathing. This will help in controlling breath when a crisis occurs.

    This is beneficial for all organs and well being

    janita haan morris
    composer natural perfume


    Dear Salaam
    Your treatise for geranium is interesting…… what particular form of asthma are you referring? Is there a particular type of geranium that you have found efficacious? There is a young teenager who over the last few years has severe asthma attacks to pollen and any form of artificial perfume spray (the ones the young girls wear ie charlie types………….the school bus had to be stopped one day because someone had sprayed and she went into a crisis. She has to carry a gun at all times (to counter these attacks….. serious stuff)…………..

    janita haan morris
    composer natural perfume

    Scritto Da – salaam Attar on 25 Novembre 2006 20:24:43


    I have been using Geranium (African origin) with success for most types of allergies for 15 years.

    In the case of respiratory disturbs, it is particularly efficacious for allergic rhinitis (pollens, cats etc…) and for a new type of asthma with the following symptoms; whistling breath both inhaling and exhaling, deep cough as if trying to expel some irritant substance from the bottom of the lungs and last symptom, itching on the chin and shoulder blades.

    This disturb is provoked by acarus, by pollens and by some air borne chemicals.

    I always use geranium together with true lavender and peppermint for allergic problems see Anti Shark it has a cortisone-like effect.

    AbdesSalaam Attar
    Compositore Profumiere


    Salaam this is most interesting concerning the efficacy of something like african geranium.

    Another patient who has serious allergies….so serious that even though there are no animals in the room but has been is enough for his throat to start closing up and eyes water…..this man could not stay in his fiances house even though she had spring cleaned from top to bottom after having animals……so sensitive to animal cat and dog particularly ….

    Would you say the antishark formula could help someone like him?

    I know another who is highly sensitive to dust …………is this a 21st century epidemic that is ascerbated by our clinically and syntheticaly clean environment? the young girl mentioned in the earlier email has been a vegetarian all her life and her parent also and they use all environmentally non synthetic products…..very strict environment ….. was never allowed in their bed and was a bedwetter till quite late in years (8) ….

    Janita haan Morris
    composer natural perfume


    My practice of Aromatherapy is “first aid aromatherapy”. Results are obtained from within seconds up to 20 minutes. Chronic problems are resolved by using the products when necessary to solve crisis. I do not follow patients on any time length but several homeopathic doctors in Italy use our products combined with their treatment.
    The anti shark was devised an anti-venom, and has 3 properties combined from the 3 essences that compose it.
    Lavender neutralizes the poisons, Geranium prevents the allergic reaction and stimulates the blood circulation for its elimination and peppermint (eucalyptus if it is to be used by homeopathic patients) calms the rash or itching as analgesic.
    In allergies the body reacts to a substance as if it was a venom, this is how Anti sharks works.
    In the first chronic allergy cases you mention this product would probably work, in the second one you may try with very a small quantity at first. If the product does not provoke choking her then it will probably benefit her.

    AbdesSalaam Attar
    Compositore Profumiere


    It is wonderful to see that your antishark remedy is being used in conjunction with homoeopathic remedies. I feel this is certainly the way forward for completmentary medicine. With something like Asthma, diet will also play a supportive role …… ie a natural diet will help…plenty of fresh salads and an avoidance of sugar and low in starch….. fresh comfrey leaves when in season with their salads…along with the gently breathing exercises…
    There is also a reliable herbal medicine available for sufferers to make.

    janita haan morris
    composer natural perfume


    The explanation of Anti Shark effects are at the page:

    For those who use Homeopathic remedies I produce a formula where Peppermint is replaced by Eucalyptus.

    For Aromatherapy and homeopathics check Marguerite Maury at:

    AbdesSalaam Attar
    Compositore Profumiere

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