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    Rahat Shaikh


    Is it true that the perfume can be contaminated and its longevity affected due to stick applicators and roll ons?
    I came across multiple websites, claiming that it is better to use spray bottles than attar bottles with stick applicators or roll-ons since a person transfers his body oil / sweat onto the stick/roll-on ball (as he applies the perfume on his/her skin) and then into the perfume. This can lead to contamination and affect the perfume composition and longevity


    Dear Rahat. With the rollon small impurities present on the skin will surely contaminate the product. As a result it may influence its life spam and smell, because it may start its oxidation earlier than normal. However the rollon are usually no more than 10 ml and the perfume is usually consumed within a year and the contamination is unlikely to bring the consequences I have described in such a short time spam.

    About the stick bottles the problem is the same about contamination but smaller than with the rollon. However there is also the problem of the fresh air entering the bottle every time you open it, and fresh air means fresh oxygen and continuing oxidation.

    The arabic bottles are usually 3 ml. of volume and here again the short spam of time in which they are usually consumed makes it unlikely that the inherent problems of the bottle will have very negative effects on the lifespam and smell of the perfume.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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