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    There is no doubt that a lover of perfumes should take a different approach smelling a perfume 100% natural.
    Natural perfumes can be perceived strangely by perfumistas, and I have observed that a period of time is often necessary to go over the initial perplexity.

    Natural and commercial perfumery are two worlds apart, Natural perfumery may seem rough to someone used to commercial perfumes, because it has a direct effect on memories, emotions and on the nervous system, while the synthetic perfumery acts indirectly through the evocation of memories. Synthetic perfumes do not awaken the olfactory memories, they only evocate the record of these memories, which is a more delicate and less involving process. This is because synthetic rose is not real rose but only an evocation of rose, and so on for all the ingredients listed in our commercial scents.

    Many of my perfumes are not designed to please the greater number, but for a “type” person. This is why everyone very likely will find one or two fragrances to his liking, and the other ones not.
    It is then very interesting for the one who likes a perfume to read the texts that explain the psychological “type” corresponding to his choice.

    My philosophy in making perfumes is based on personality and personalization, exactly the contrary of mass production perfumery.
    Personalities are strong, and often the perfume I make is for an “archetypical” type of person.
    A personalized perfume is made for a quite normal person who has a “typical” personality, but the perfume that comes from this person, when it is completed successfully, reflects the archetype of this personality, and will be liked by all the persons who possess it in part.

    There is always a mesure of exageration in an archetype, this is why these perfumes often seem exaggerated.
    I know of many people who after a while have become accustomed so much to natural perfumery that they cannot stand no more (just as I do) synthetic commercial perfumes.

    AbdesSalaam Attar
    Compositore Profumiere


    Assalamu Alaykum

    This is a good read i love natural frags a lot better than frags.


    I have seen many people who affter using natural perfumes for a while cannot use anymore commercial fragrances. They just don’t get the same satisfaction.


    hy to all,ya perfumes are most important thing of personality and i love natural perfumes

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