The list includes the perfumers who have decided to honestly inform the public about all the ingredients they use in their perfumes.

The perfumers can do this by publishing the ECLIP list, the Ethical Complete List of Ingredients in Perfumes.

The idea of the ECLIP list is that perfumers should give to their consumers the certainty that no omission has been purposedly or unpurposedly made in regard to the ingredients that their fragrances contain. This is more than ever necessary, since many consumers today want to avoid either chemical or animal or genetically modified products.

In order to garantee to consumers the easy and complete understanding of the ingredients contained in their fragrances, every perfumer pubblishes his own ECLIP list that shows 3 things:

1- the whole list of ingredients that are used in perfumery, with the definition of what they are and how they are obtained

2- the list of the ingredients that the perfumer uses in his fragrances

3- the list of the ingredients that he does NOT use in his perfumes.


Roberto Dario, ECLIP published, ECLIP Esperienze Olfattive
“Chemist by Profession and Perfumer for Passion: … see full presentation

AbdesSalaam Attar, ECLIP published, ECLIP La Via del Profumo
…” see full presentation



JoAnne Bassett, (ECLIP not yet published)

Jane Cate, (ECLIP not yet published)

Sonsa Rae, (ECLIP not yet published)

Amanda Feeley (ECLIP not yet published)


Isabelle Gellé, (ECLIP not yet published)



Ambrosia Jones, ECLIP published, ECLIP of Ambrosia Jones
… see full presentation


Francesca Brice, (ECLIP not yet published)

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