Olfactory psychology and aromatic scénographies


Everyone of us has been individually unconsciously conditioned since childhood with particular aromas that belong to the common olfactory culture of all and is possible to diffuse them in order to influence the state of mind of a public.

The olfactory memory is so primordial that it associates smells to “emotional images”. When the odour is perceived years after, the olfactory memory activates the endocrine system to produce neuro-chemicals (adrenalin, endorphin etc.) in order to reproduce the emotion or the state of mind that accompanied it in the past. The emotional experience related to smells is at the base of the learning process for all living organisms and is so necessary to their survival that the olfactory memories are transmitted together with the genetic patrimony.

It is easy to predict that aromas reminding of vacations will have a de-stressful effect, and that those recording of home and family will be reassuring. Some aromas of the nature, flowers, trees, spices, fruits, are true and proper archetypes of an olfactory language and speak to our unconscious in a more eloquent and convincing way than speech.

Moreover we know today that smells act directly on the central nervous system and on the psyche, activating the endocrine system in a constant and predictable manner, as has been demonstrated by the researchers in the field of psycho-aromatherapy. 

It is therefore possible to anticipate the effect of a great number of smells. On this knowledge is based our experience of olfactory psychology and our art of the olfactory scenographies.

Olfactory scenographies have the potential to transform artistic performances in true synestetic experiences where the fusion of senses, sight, hearing and smell really happens in a global perception of the artistic work.


A perfume against stage panic? It exists and it works, we have made it with the essences that are sedative and balancing of the nervous system.

Perfuming the show makes possible to reinforce and to direct the state of mind of the public and adds the ultimate touch of special effect. But there is more to it. Actors can take advantage of personalize perfumes cut for the character that they must impersonate, in order to help “feel” him and “wear” him better.


Since years the Rex cinema of Paris uses olfactory settings diffusing during the projection of some films aromas aimed at reinforcing the realistic effect of the images. As for us, we can do much better, producing complete olfactory scenographies that renew changing fragrances according to the scenes.

For the cinema actors as for those of theatre the “character fragrance” cut for the character to impersonate helps assuming personality with greater conviction.

Music and perfume

The tie between music and scent is intimate. Perfumes are olfactory melodies that, like music, reach the deepest of our soul to make it bloom with sublime emotions.

The “Concert of Aromas”, together with a musical show, is the highest expression of olfactory scenography, its purpose is to transport the spectators into a travel inside themselves by stimulation of their central nervous system. Such a performance is to all effects a concert of emotions.

The diffusion of scents during an artist’s concerts has the same advantages of the CD insert, increasing the emotional effect of music, adding a value to the musical product, valorising the image of the artists and finally launching his perfume.

The artist’s perfume

The scent can be the way for an artist to consolidate his success. In fact, the personalized  perfume is composed in direct collaboration with him. The perfumer is his guide in the world of aromas and with his help the artist himself chooses  his” olfactory notes “. We then compose with him his own fragrant melody. The artist who has reached success playing the music of his soul cannot reach less composing with us the perfume of his soul.

The diffusion of scents during the concerts of the artist makes possible to increase the emotional effect of music, to add a value to the musical product, to valorise the image of the artists and finally to launch his “ musical perfume”.

The artist’s olfactory logo

The olfactory logo of the artists is the smelling emanation of his image and symbolizes his artistic personality. Among the many fragrances an artist can compose with us for his different products, the olfactory logo is the smell that identifies him personally, that brings up his Name to mind. Therefore this fragrance must belong to as many as possible of his public appearances and must possess precise characteristics that will make it imprint itself indelibly in the olfactory memory.

perfumed CD !

The “auditing perfume” inserted in the CD is not only an artistic synergy between perfume and music but a big advertisement operation as well. In fact, the ” musical scent ” is meant to be worn while listening to the music, it is designed to emanate the feeling of a particular album and to reinforce the emotional state that music provokes, but the perfume lasts longer than the CD and the persons wearing it go on publicizing the album’s ” olfactory logo ” . When their friend ask: ” What perfume are you wearing? “, they answer ” The perfume from  the last album of… ” This is certainly the most powerful publicity.

The “Music perfume” is a mean to increase talking between people about the album, it is an argument for buying it and a new way to communicate it’s musical content.

The ” musical scent “, sold in perfume or music shops allows the artist to double the entity of the commercial operation, to give double satisfaction to the consumer, to increase his image value and his cultural impact on society.

The insertion of the ” musical scent ” in the CD is moreover a free  launching operation for the perfume from whose sales he will derive both direct economic profit and free advertising.

Most important is to understand that all publicity made by mean of the perfume is also publicity for the perfume itself and is likely to boost it’s sales. In this manner is realized a new concept of publicity where communication is transformed into a sellable product from which are earned direct and continuous profits. In facts, the CD is bought only once by each customer while the buying of the perfume is renewed when it is consumed. The last advantage is that a Cd is easily masterized, not the perfume
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