Aromatherapy at the workplace!

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(Inspired by Julia Lawless)

Over the last few years the aromatherapy of one’s surroundings has become something to be taken into consideration by companies in terms of work psychology, the prevention of work-related illnesses and activity.

Essential oils do not only protect us from infectious diseases; it has been shown that they can also affect the efficiency of workers. They not only feel better in general, but are able to think more clearly and positively and even react with more intuition (Dr. Barron, Perdue Univ. Indiana). In Japan, Shimizu, the third biggest construction company in the country, places diffusers in the air conditioning ducts of the buildings that it constructs. It also suggests which essences to use according to the type of building. For example anti-stress for offices, anti-bacteria for hospitals, relaxing essences for train and metro stations, etc.

Shimizu’s faith in the perfuming of the workplace with aromatherapy essential oils is justified by the results of research carried out by Takasago, Japan’s biggest producer of fragrances. The research shows that people working with computers made 54% fewer typing errors when the workplace was perfumed with lemon; 33% fewer with jasmine; and lavender.

Another aspect of perfuming our surroundings is that of the purifying effect of certain essential oils. The anti-bacterial, antiviral, fungicidal effects help to reduce the negative effects caused by air-conditioning systems such as allergies, respiratory diseases. They also reduce the possibility of being infected by contagious diseases which are propagated by close contact in offices, schools, shops, etc.

Some essences even have an ionizing effect, reducing the ever growing problem of static electricity caused by the increase in the number of computers and other office equipment. The overcharged air created by these appliances can lead to tension, aggressiveness, stress or the psychosomatic symptoms familiar to VDU operators. With regard to this consult the “VDU Hazard Handbook” from the Londoner Trust.

Perfuming the workplace leads to an improvement in the “psychological surroundings, having a positive effect on both workers and customers. Indeed, it is capable of improving both productivity and sales. Aromatherapy in the workplace is an investment in the human resources of a company, protecting the workforce both physically and psychologically. Perfuming the workplace effectively makes it more human and it shouldn’t surprise us that the essences which help to protect us from infections, ionise (negatively) and reduce stress are those obtained fro trees (cypress, pine, rosewood). Their fragrances bring into the workplace the well-known benefits forests.

The future of aromatherapy in the workplace is closely linked to the way in which our attitudes to work are changing. Good working conditions are no longer seen as something desired by the workers but as an essential condition for the company.

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