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Encyclopedia of essential oils, Julia Lawless,  (The best book to know essential oils)

Il grande libro dell’aromaterapia e aromacosmesi, Xenia (The best book to understand aromatherapy in it’s different aspects)

The fragrant farmacy, Valery Ann Worwood, Bantam books (the best guide to practice aromatherapy)

Fragranze. Psicologia e biologia del profumo, Dodd e Van Toller, Ed. Aporie

Aromatherapy scent and psiche Peter & Kate Damian, Healing arts press. One of the few books on psico-aromatherapy.

Cura delle malattie con le essenze delle piante, Jean Valnet,  Ed.Giunti (Translated in all linguages, this famous work from the french doctor pioneer of Aromatherapy).

L’aromaterpie exactement, Fondements, demonstration, illustration et applications d’une science medicale naturelle, Roger Jollois editeur, 1990, 51 rue Montmailler 87000 Limoges (The most “scientific” recent work, from the heirs of Valnet).

Le marketing olfactif. La réference commerciale, juridique et créative du parfum et des odeurs. Ed. LPM Les presses du management 199941 rue Grenata 75002 Paris.

Dussauce book on Perfumery, free ressource ebook to Free download

First aid aromatherapy course by AbdesSalaam Attar Free download

Subtle Aromatherapy, Patricia Davis:  Aromatherapy and cristal therapy, chakras and vibrational therapies. The most “New Age” aromatherapy book. (

Terapie esoteriche (vol 1), Dietmar Kramer, Ed Mediterranee

Guy Robert speach at the British Society of Perfumers 1989

Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez The guide

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