inhalation and proper breathing can also help in the long term cases for asthma. As a nose and a singer I am aware of the value of the various techniques associated with inhalation. For asthma sufferers their breathing becomes impaired on the start of an asthma attack for which panic enues and crisis occurs.

when a crisis occurs the victim will struggle for breath and even after the crisis is over shallow breathing continues even though they may not notice. This shallow breathing may become a habit. Thus denying themselves of life giving oxygen which supports all human existance.

By advocating simple breathing techniques when a crisis is not prevalent re deep intake of breath holding for 3 and exhaling for 6 and extending the amount of timed exhalation over a period the patient becomes aware of his lung capacity and control over breathing. This will help in controlling breath when a crisis occurs.

This is beneficial for all organs and well being

janita haan morris
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