My practice of Aromatherapy is “first aid aromatherapy”. Results are obtained from within seconds up to 20 minutes. Chronic problems are resolved by using the products when necessary to solve crisis. I do not follow patients on any time length but several homeopathic doctors in Italy use our products combined with their treatment.
The anti shark was devised an anti-venom, and has 3 properties combined from the 3 essences that compose it.
Lavender neutralizes the poisons, Geranium prevents the allergic reaction and stimulates the blood circulation for its elimination and peppermint (eucalyptus if it is to be used by homeopathic patients) calms the rash or itching as analgesic.
In allergies the body reacts to a substance as if it was a venom, this is how Anti sharks works.
In the first chronic allergy cases you mention this product would probably work, in the second one you may try with very a small quantity at first. If the product does not provoke choking her then it will probably benefit her.

AbdesSalaam Attar
Compositore Profumiere